Replacement for HP HDX X18-1000, HDX X18-1100, HDX X18-1200, HDX X18-1300, HDX18, HDX18-1000, HP Pavilion dv7, Pavilion dv8 Series Laptop Battery

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ISO9001/9002 certifications
Model: #0326
Battery Type: Li-ion

Voltage: 10.80V

Capacity: 5200mAh

Color: Black

Dimension: 271.30 x 50.50 x 21.60 mm

Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)

  • New, 1 year warranty!
  • New, 3 years warranty! ( +AU $5.00 )

Weight: 421.2g

Promotion Price: AU $65.12


This replacement Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

KS525AA, HSTNN-Q35C, HSTNN-OB74, HSTNN-OB75, HSTNN-IB75, HSTNN-IB74, HSTNN-DB75, HSTNN-DB74, HSTNN-C50C, HP7028LH, DYNA-CHA-LOC, 480385-001, 486766-001, 464059-141, 464059-121, 464059-251, 464058-121, 516355-001, 464059-252, 516916-001

This replacement Laptop Battery can replace the following models:

    HP HDX18,  
    HP HDX18-1000 
    HP HDX X18-1000,
    HP HDX X18-1100,
    HP HDX X18-1200,
    HP HDX X18-1300

    HP Pavilion dv7 Series
        Pavilion dv7, Pavilion dv7/CT, Pavilion dv7-1000,
        Pavilion dv7-1000ea, Pavilion dv7-1001ea, Pavilion dv7-1001tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1001xx, Pavilion dv7-1002ea, Pavilion dv7-1002tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1002xx, Pavilion dv7-1003ea, Pavilion dv7-1003tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1003xx, Pavilion dv7-1004ea, Pavilion dv7-1004tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1005eg, Pavilion dv7-1005tx, Pavilion dv7-1006tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1007tx, Pavilion dv7-1008tx, Pavilion dv7-1009tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1010et, Pavilion dv7-1010tx, Pavilion dv7-1011tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1012tx, Pavilion dv7-1013tx, Pavilion dv7-1014ca,
        Pavilion dv7-1014tx, Pavilion dv7-1015eg, Pavilion dv7-1015tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1016nr, Pavilion dv7-1016tx, Pavilion dv7-1017tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1018eg, Pavilion dv7-1018tx, Pavilion dv7-1019tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1020ea, Pavilion dv7-1020eg, Pavilion dv7-1020el,
        Pavilion dv7-1020es, Pavilion dv7-1020tx, Pavilion dv7-1020us,
        Pavilion dv7-1021tx, Pavilion dv7-1022tx, Pavilion dv7-1023cl,
        Pavilion dv7-1023em, Pavilion dv7-1023tx, Pavilion dv7-1024tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1025eg, Pavilion dv7-1025nr, Pavilion dv7-1025tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1026tx, Pavilion dv7-1027ca, Pavilion dv7-1027tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1029tx, Pavilion dv7-1030eb, Pavilion dv7-1030el,
        Pavilion dv7-1030en, Pavilion dv7-1030ep, Pavilion dv7-1030tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1031tx, Pavilion dv7-1034ca, Pavilion dv7-1035ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1035em, Pavilion dv7-1038ca, Pavilion dv7-1040ec,
        Pavilion dv7-1040ef, Pavilion dv7-1040em, Pavilion dv7-1040es,
        Pavilion dv7-1040et, Pavilion dv7-1040ew, Pavilion dv7-1045eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1045tx, Pavilion dv7-1050ea, Pavilion dv7-1050ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1050eg, Pavilion dv7-1050er, Pavilion dv7-1051xx,
        Pavilion dv7-1052xx, Pavilion dv7-1053ez, Pavilion dv7-1053xx,
        Pavilion dv7-1055ea, Pavilion dv7-1060ec, Pavilion dv7-1060ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1060en, Pavilion dv7-1060ep, Pavilion dv7-1060ez,
        Pavilion dv7-1065ef, Pavilion dv7-1070ed, Pavilion dv7-1070ee,
        Pavilion dv7-1070ef, Pavilion dv7-1070eg, Pavilion dv7-1070ek,
        Pavilion dv7-1070el, Pavilion dv7-1070eo, Pavilion dv7-1075la,
        Pavilion dv7-1080ed, Pavilion dv7-1080el, Pavilion dv7-1080eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1080es, Pavilion dv7-1080ew, Pavilion dv7-1080ez,
        Pavilion dv7-1090eb, Pavilion dv7-1090ed, Pavilion dv7-1090en,
        Pavilion dv7-1090er, Pavilion dv7-1093eo, Pavilion dv7-1094eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1095eo, Pavilion dv7-1098eo, Pavilion dv7-1099ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1100, Pavilion dv7-1200, Pavilion dv7-1240us,
        Pavilion dv7-2000, Pavilion dv7-2011TX, Pavilion dv7-2100,
        Pavilion dv7-2200, Pavilion dv7-3000, Pavilion dv7-3100, Pavilion dv7-2215sa
        Pavilion dv7t, Pavilion dv7t-1000, Pavilion dv7z, Pavilion dv7-1428ca
        Pavilion dv7z-1000, Dv7-2110sa, Pavillion DV7-3110ea, Pavilion dv7-2230sa, Pavilion dv7-1211tx

    HP Pavilion dv8 Series
        Pavilion dv8, Pavilion dv8-1000, Pavilion dv8-1000eb,
        Pavilion dv8-1001tx, Pavilion dv8-1001xx, Pavilion dv8-1002tx,
        Pavilion dv8-1003tx, Pavilion dv8-1005tx, Pavilion dv8-1007tx,
        Pavilion dv8-1009tx, Pavilion dv8-1010el, Pavilion dv8-1010er,
        Pavilion dv8-1050eg, Pavilion dv8-1050ep, Pavilion dv8-1050es,
        Pavilion dv8-1080ea, Pavilion dv8-1080ed, Pavilion dv8-1080ez,
        Pavilion dv8-1090ef, Pavilion dv8-1090ev, Pavilion dv8-1090ez,
        Pavilion dv8-1093ca, Pavilion dv8-1099eo, Pavilion dv8t,
        Pavilion dv8t-1000, Pavilion dv7-3111ea, Pavilion dv7-1211tx

HP Pavilion dv7 Series
        Pavilion dv7-1100 CTO, Pavilion dv7-1100ef, Pavilion dv7-1100eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1100em, Pavilion dv7-1101ef, Pavilion dv7-1101em,
        Pavilion dv7-1101tx, Pavilion dv7-1101xx, Pavilion dv7-1102tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1102xx, Pavilion dv7-1103ea, Pavilion dv7-1103tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1103xx, Pavilion dv7-1104tx, Pavilion dv7-1104xx,
        Pavilion dv7-1105ea, Pavilion dv7-1105ef, Pavilion dv7-1105eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1105em, Pavilion dv7-1105tx, Pavilion dv7-1105xx,
        Pavilion dv7-1106ef, Pavilion dv7-1106eg, Pavilion dv7-1106tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1106xx, Pavilion dv7-1107ea, Pavilion dv7-1107ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1107em, Pavilion dv7-1107tx, Pavilion dv7-1107xx,
        Pavilion dv7-1108ef, Pavilion dv7-1110ea, Pavilion dv7-1110eb,
        Pavilion dv7-1110ed, Pavilion dv7-1110ef, Pavilion dv7-1110eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1110el, Pavilion dv7-1110en, Pavilion dv7-1110eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1110es, Pavilion dv7-1112eg, Pavilion dv7-1113eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1114ef, Pavilion dv7-1115eb, Pavilion dv7-1115ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1115eg, Pavilion dv7-1115eo, Pavilion dv7-1115ez,
        Pavilion dv7-1116ef, Pavilion dv7-1117ef, Pavilion dv7-1117em,
        Pavilion dv7-1118eg, Pavilion dv7-1118eo, Pavilion dv7-1119ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1119em, Pavilion dv7-1120eb, Pavilion dv7-1120ed,
        Pavilion dv7-1120ef, Pavilion dv7-1120eg, Pavilion dv7-1120el,
        Pavilion dv7-1120em, Pavilion dv7-1120eo, Pavilion dv7-1122eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1123ca, Pavilion dv7-1123ef, Pavilion dv7-1123eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1123eo, Pavilion dv7-1125ea, Pavilion dv7-1125eb,
        Pavilion dv7-1125ef, Pavilion dv7-1125eg, Pavilion dv7-1125eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1125ez, Pavilion dv7-1126el, Pavilion dv7-1127cl,
        Pavilion dv7-1127eo, Pavilion dv7-1128ca, Pavilion dv7-1128eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1128ez, Pavilion dv7-1129wm, Pavilion dv7-1130ea,
        Pavilion dv7-1130ed, Pavilion dv7-1130eg, Pavilion dv7-1130ei,
        Pavilion dv7-1130el, Pavilion dv7-1130en, Pavilion dv7-1130eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1130ev, Pavilion dv7-1130ew, Pavilion dv7-1130us,
        Pavilion dv7-1131eg, Pavilion dv7-1132eg, Pavilion dv7-1132nr,
        Pavilion dv7-1133cl, Pavilion dv7-1134ez, Pavilion dv7-1134us,
        Pavilion dv7-1135ea, Pavilion dv7-1135eo, Pavilion dv7-1135nr,
        Pavilion dv7-1137eo, Pavilion dv7-1137us, Pavilion dv7-1140eb,
        Pavilion dv7-1140ec, Pavilion dv7-1140ed, Pavilion dv7-1140eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1140ek, Pavilion dv7-1140en, Pavilion dv7-1140eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1140es, Pavilion dv7-1140ew, Pavilion dv7-1145eb,
        Pavilion dv7-1145ef, Pavilion dv7-1145eg, Pavilion dv7-1145es,
        Pavilion dv7-1150eb, Pavilion dv7-1150ed, Pavilion dv7-1150ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1150eg, Pavilion dv7-1150ej, Pavilion dv7-1150es,
        Pavilion dv7-1150et, Pavilion dv7-1150ev, Pavilion dv7-1150ew,
        Pavilion dv7-1150us, Pavilion dv7-1151xx, Pavilion dv7-1153ca,
        Pavilion dv7-1155es, Pavilion dv7-1155ez, Pavilion dv7-1157cl,
        Pavilion dv7-1157es, Pavilion dv7-1160eb, Pavilion dv7-1160ed,
        Pavilion dv7-1160eg, Pavilion dv7-1160ek, Pavilion dv7-1160eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1160ep, Pavilion dv7-1160er, Pavilion dv7-1160es,
        Pavilion dv7-1165eb, Pavilion dv7-1165eg, Pavilion dv7-1167ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1169er, Pavilion dv7-1170eg, Pavilion dv7-1170el,
        Pavilion dv7-1170eo, Pavilion dv7-1170ez, Pavilion dv7-1170us,
        Pavilion dv7-1172eg, Pavilion dv7-1173er, Pavilion dv7-1174ca,
        Pavilion dv7-1175eg, Pavilion dv7-1175eo, Pavilion dv7-1175er,
        Pavilion dv7-1175nr, Pavilion dv7-1177ca, Pavilion dv7-1179er,
        Pavilion dv7-1180eg, Pavilion dv7-1180eo, Pavilion dv7-1183cl,
        Pavilion dv7-1185eg, Pavilion dv7-1190eg, Pavilion dv7-1190eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1190er, Pavilion dv7-1190es, Pavilion dv7-1190et,
        Pavilion dv7-1195eg, Pavilion dv7-1195eo, Pavilion dv7-1195er,
        Pavilion dv7-1196eg, Pavilion dv7-1198eg, Pavilion dv7-1199ec,
        Pavilion dv7-1199ed, Pavilion dv7-1199ef, Pavilion dv7-1199eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1199el, Pavilion dv7-1199eo, Pavilion dv7-1199es,
        Pavilion dv7-1199ev, Pavilion dv7-1199ew, Pavilion dv7-1199ez,
        Pavilion dv7-1200 CTO, Pavilion dv7-1200eg, Pavilion dv7-1200eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1201ef, Pavilion dv7-1201eg, Pavilion dv7-1201tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1202ef, Pavilion dv7-1202tx, Pavilion dv7-1203ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1203ef, Pavilion dv7-1203em, Pavilion dv7-1203tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1204ef, Pavilion dv7-1204eg, Pavilion dv7-1204tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1205ef, Pavilion dv7-1205eg, Pavilion dv7-1205eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1205tx, Pavilion dv7-1206ef, Pavilion dv7-1206el,
        Pavilion dv7-1206ez, Pavilion dv7-1206tx, Pavilion dv7-1207ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1207tx, Pavilion dv7-1208ef, Pavilion dv7-1208ez,
        Pavilion dv7-1208tx, Pavilion dv7-1209ef, Pavilion dv7-1209em,
        Pavilion dv7-1209tx, Pavilion dv7-1210ea, Pavilion dv7-1210ed,
        Pavilion dv7-1210ef, Pavilion dv7-1210eg, Pavilion dv7-1210el,
        Pavilion dv7-1210eo, Pavilion dv7-1210er, Pavilion dv7-1210et,
        Pavilion dv7-1210tx, Pavilion dv7-1211ea, Pavilion dv7-1212ea,
        Pavilion dv7-1212tx, Pavilion dv7-1213ea, Pavilion dv7-1213tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1214ea, Pavilion dv7-1214tx, Pavilion dv7-1215ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1215eg, Pavilion dv7-1215eo, Pavilion dv7-1215er,
        Pavilion dv7-1215ez, Pavilion dv7-1215tx, Pavilion dv7-1216tx,
        Pavilion dv7-1217ef, Pavilion dv7-1220eb, Pavilion dv7-1220ed,
        Pavilion dv7-1220ef, Pavilion dv7-1220eg, Pavilion dv7-1220el,
        Pavilion dv7-1220em, Pavilion dv7-1220eo, Pavilion dv7-1220er,
        Pavilion dv7-1220es, Pavilion dv7-1220ew, Pavilion dv7-1220ez,
        Pavilion dv7-1223ca, Pavilion dv7-1225ef, Pavilion dv7-1225eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1225ez, Pavilion dv7-1228ca, Pavilion dv7-1230eb,
        Pavilion dv7-1230eg, Pavilion dv7-1230eg, Pavilion dv7-1230eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1230et, Pavilion dv7-1230ew, Pavilion dv7-1230ez,
        Pavilion dv7-1232nr, Pavilion dv7-1233eo, Pavilion dv7-1235eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1236ez, Pavilion dv7-1240eb, Pavilion dv7-1240ed,
        Pavilion dv7-1240ek, Pavilion dv7-1240el, Pavilion dv7-1240eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1240us, Pavilion dv7-1240us, Pavilion dv7-1243cl,
        Pavilion dv7-1245ca, Pavilion dv7-1245dx, Pavilion dv7-1245ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1245eo, Pavilion dv7-1247cl, Pavilion dv7-1249ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1250eb, Pavilion dv7-1250ed, Pavilion dv7-1250eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1250en, Pavilion dv7-1250eo, Pavilion dv7-1250ep,
        Pavilion dv7-1250es, Pavilion dv7-1251eg, Pavilion dv7-1252eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1253ca, Pavilion dv7-1255eo, Pavilion dv7-1260ek,
        Pavilion dv7-1260eo, Pavilion dv7-1260es, Pavilion dv7-1260ew,
        Pavilion dv7-1260us, Pavilion dv7-1261wm, Pavilion dv7-1262eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1262us, Pavilion dv7-1264nr, Pavilion dv7-1265eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1267cl, Pavilion dv7-1270ca, Pavilion dv7-1270eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1270eo, Pavilion dv7-1270es, Pavilion dv7-1270ez,
        Pavilion dv7-1270us, Pavilion dv7-1273cl, Pavilion dv7-1273eo,
        Pavilion dv7-1275dx, Pavilion dv7-1275eo, Pavilion dv7-1279wm,
        Pavilion dv7-1280ec, Pavilion dv7-1280eg, Pavilion dv7-1280es,
        Pavilion dv7-1280ew, Pavilion dv7-1285dx, Pavilion dv7-1289eg,
        Pavilion dv7-1290eg, Pavilion dv7-1290eo, Pavilion dv7-1298el,
        Pavilion dv7-1299eb, Pavilion dv7-1299ed, Pavilion dv7-1299ef,
        Pavilion dv7-1299el, Pavilion dv7-1299es, Pavilion dv7-1299ew,
        Pavilion dv7-1451nr, Pavilion dv7-2000 CTO, Pavilion dv7-2001et,
        Pavilion dv7-2001tx, Pavilion dv7-2001xx, Pavilion dv7-2002tu,
        Pavilion dv7-2002tx, Pavilion dv7-2003tu, Pavilion dv7-2003tx,
        Pavilion dv7-2004tx, Pavilion dv7-2005eg, Pavilion dv7-2005el,
        Pavilion dv7-2005eo, Pavilion dv7-2005tx, Pavilion dv7-2006tx,
        Pavilion dv7-2007tx, Pavilion dv7-2008tx, Pavilion dv7-2009tx,
        Pavilion dv7-2010eb, Pavilion dv7-2010eg, Pavilion dv7-2010eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2010es, Pavilion dv7-2010ev, Pavilion dv7-2010tx,
        Pavilion dv7-2011eg, Pavilion dv7-2011tx, Pavilion dv7-2012tx,
        Pavilion dv7-2013tx, Pavilion dv7-2014tx, Pavilion dv7-2015ef,
        Pavilion dv7-2015eg, Pavilion dv7-2015eo, Pavilion dv7-2015es,
        Pavilion dv7-2016eg, Pavilion dv7-2016tx, Pavilion dv7-2017eg,
        Pavilion dv7-2018tx, Pavilion dv7-2019ca, Pavilion dv7-2019tx,
        Pavilion dv7-2020eb, Pavilion dv7-2020ef, Pavilion dv7-2020ek,
        Pavilion dv7-2020eo, Pavilion dv7-2020es, Pavilion dv7-2020ev,
        Pavilion dv7-2020tx, Pavilion dv7-2021tx, Pavilion dv7-2022eg,
        Pavilion dv7-2022tx, Pavilion dv7-2023eg, Pavilion dv7-2025ef,
        Pavilion dv7-2025eg, Pavilion dv7-2025eo, Pavilion dv7-2025es,
        Pavilion dv7-2030ea, Pavilion dv7-2030eb, Pavilion dv7-2030ef,
        Pavilion dv7-2030eo, Pavilion dv7-2030er, Pavilion dv7-2030es,
        Pavilion dv7-2030ev, Pavilion dv7-2030sf, Pavilion dv7-2033ef,
        Pavilion dv7-2033eg, Pavilion dv7-2033sf, Pavilion dv7-2034eg,
        Pavilion dv7-2035ef, Pavilion dv7-2035eg, Pavilion dv7-2035eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2035es, Pavilion dv7-2035ez, Pavilion dv7-2036eg,
        Pavilion dv7-2037ef, Pavilion dv7-2037eg, Pavilion dv7-2037ez,
        Pavilion dv7-2040ca, Pavilion dv7-2040eb, Pavilion dv7-2040ed,
        Pavilion dv7-2040ef, Pavilion dv7-2040ek, Pavilion dv7-2040eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2040sf, Pavilion dv7-2043cl, Pavilion dv7-2044ca,
        Pavilion dv7-2045ea, Pavilion dv7-2045eg, Pavilion dv7-2045eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2045ez, Pavilion dv7-2046eg, Pavilion dv7-2050ea,
        Pavilion dv7-2050ed, Pavilion dv7-2050ef, Pavilion dv7-2050ei,
        Pavilion dv7-2050eo, Pavilion dv7-2050es, Pavilion dv7-2050ev,
        Pavilion dv7-2051et, Pavilion dv7-2055eg, Pavilion dv7-2055eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2055ew, Pavilion dv7-2055ez, Pavilion dv7-2057eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2060ed, Pavilion dv7-2060ef, Pavilion dv7-2060eg,
        Pavilion dv7-2060en, Pavilion dv7-2060eo, Pavilion dv7-2060ez,
        Pavilion dv7-2065ef, Pavilion dv7-2065eg, Pavilion dv7-2065eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2070ea, Pavilion dv7-2070ed, Pavilion dv7-2070ef,
        Pavilion dv7-2070eg, Pavilion dv7-2070eo, Pavilion dv7-2070ew,
        Pavilion dv7-2075eg, Pavilion dv7-2075eo, Pavilion dv7-2078ca,
        Pavilion dv7-2080eb, Pavilion dv7-2080ec, Pavilion dv7-2080ed,
        Pavilion dv7-2080eg, Pavilion dv7-2080el, Pavilion dv7-2080en,
        Pavilion dv7-2080eo, Pavilion dv7-2080ep, Pavilion dv7-2080es,
        Pavilion dv7-2080ew, Pavilion dv7-2085el, Pavilion dv7-2085eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2088ez, Pavilion dv7-2090ec, Pavilion dv7-2090eg,
        Pavilion dv7-2090eh, Pavilion dv7-2090el, Pavilion dv7-2090eo,
        Pavilion dv7-2090eq, Pavilion dv7-2092eo, Pavilion dv7-2185dx,
        Pavilion dv7-2185dx, Pavilion dv7t-1000, Pavilion dv7t-1100, Pavillion DV7-3105ea
        Pavilion dv7z-1000, Pavilion dv7z-1100, Pavilion dv7-3111ea, Pavilion dv7-3007TX

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